A blog created
by politically ambitionless,
autistic, Asperger-eccentric
Tom Karmo
to bring truth and healing
to the municipal life
of Richmond Hill, Ontario,
where it has been injured
by his controversial
personal friend
Karen Cilevitz -
a 2014 Ward Five candidate
lacking necessary
Town Council qualities
of education and temperament,
and a misguided promoter of
Metrus-Corsica's projected
fourteen David Dunlap Observatory streets

UTC=20140307T154309Z: My police report regarding Karen Cilevitz's bullying in her cafe "Conversations with the Candidate" meeting of 2014-03-06.

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UTC=20140218T035440Z: How Karen Cilevitz acted in the DDO conservation case, assisting it from 2008 through 2010 (by promoting full conservation of all 77 DDO Panhandle and DDO Trapezoid hectares), and damaging it from 2011 onward (by switching her allegiance, now favouring development of the DDO Trapezoid eastern half).

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UTC=20130915T020329Z: Why and how I created this blog, and why I am hosting it on a karencilevitz.ca server; how the aspiring politician Karen, the already-established politicians, the various lawyers, and the general public are welcome to contribute. (A clickable link within the blog posting - or you can click here - leads to an appendix, a detailed chronicle of the pluses and minuses in my personal relationship with Karen. I am hoping most readers will not need to spend too much time on that troubling appendix, except perhaps for its concluding, philosophico-theological, section.)

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Toomas (Tom) Karmo
42 Gentry Crescent
Richmond Hill ON L4C 2G9



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